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Mr. Twomey on his sheep and goat farm in western Wisconsin


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  1. We have a family Pronouncing Parallel Bible from around 1900 that needs repair. Can pictures be sent for a rough estimate or do you need the book?

    • Hi, I replied using my regular e-mail account, but if that did not reach you, perhaps I am required to e-mail you through this new software. It’s a case of an old dog learning new tricks. So, please let me know if you my previous e-mail did not go through, and I will send it again in this format. Thanks. James Book Restoration Co.
      [email protected]

  2. Hi James,

    I am a pastor in Illinois and I am wanting my preaching bible bound in a Lambskin cover. I have the Lambskin cover. Is this something you can do? If so, what is the cost involved?

    Pastor David

    • Hi David. This is a new program for receiving e-mails. I replied once to you about the lambskin, but if you did not receive it, it may be because I am required to reply using this software. I’m an old dog learning new tricks, you might say. So, please let me know if my reply from my AOL account did not reach you, and I will answer you again, in this format. Thanks, James. Book Restoration Co. [email protected]

  3. I am interested in preserving my family’s Bible. It is a nice presentation Bible from the ’50s, with a Concordance, pictures, maps of the Holy Land, etc. The leather cover is torn and has come separated from the rest of the book. I can send photos. Wondering how much something like this might cost.

    Contact me by email ([email protected]), or text to (913) 704-7995

  4. I requested an estimate on rebinding my Bible but have not heard back from you.

    Are you still in the business?



  5. Hello James,
    This is probably an unusual request, but here goes. I recently received a Tanakh Bible gift from my daughter. Her cost was $8.00 amazon. Book is paperback, published 1985, appears water damage( pages wrinkled. Some pages pulling from binding. I will be using this book as a daily study text. Please advise. My address is Melinda Smiles 369 Gilt Edge Road, Munford, Tn 38058.
    PS Have not had good experience with book binding locally in past.
    Thanks, James. Melinda. Phone/text (901)481-0818

  6. Hi!
    Have an old 1984 and NIV hard cover Bible. I would like the hard cover removed and replaced with a very goatskin cover. Is that possible? And if so how much would that cost ? Thank you,

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