If you would like a price range of what your book may cost to have it restored, please answer these questions as best you can

When was your book made?
This information can be found on the bottom of the title page, the reverse side of the title page, or at the end of an introduction. Some books have no date in them, but may have a hand-written notation with a date.
What shape are the corners of your book's paper?
Looking at the most damaged areas of your book's cover, what material is on the outside?
When you handle your book's covers, are they
When you look at the edges of your book's text paper, how many pages have pulled forward, become loose/ detached, or seem "shredded" along the edges?
What is the approximate size of your book?
How do you expect to use the book in the future?
(Optional) Upload a digial photo of your book
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