The restoration of aged, damaged or deteriorated books and documents requires a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern techniques executed by hand carefully patiently and yes, lovingly.

That union of the traditional and the contemporary is a hallmark of the Book Restoration and Conservation Co. under the direction of James E. Twomey, who continues a family tradition of book and document restoration that began with his grandfather in 1943.

Whether they are treasured Family Bibles, letters, rare and antiquarian books in public or private collections, historically significant chronicles, or other documents, environmental conditions and years of usage combine to cause the internal deterioration and visible damage that endanger our recorded heritage.

Fortunately, most books and documents can be restored by a qualified conservator such as Mr. Twomey and his staff.

The art of bookbinding has only recently been combined with conservation science. As a craft, it has changed little over the centuries. The methods are virtually the same as those used by 15th Century monks. The finest books were handcrafted then and continue to be passed from generation to generation. However there has been much improvement in materials. Moreover, our understanding of how the environment affects bindings and paper also has grown.

When you bring your valued papers and volumes to Mr. Twomey, you can be confident that his skills will be applied in a most conscientious and dedicated manner. All materials will be genuine and all workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed. Prices range from $175 to $700.


The restoration of a 1950s Catholic Bible. A new leather binding with the original front cover decoration set into a panel on the new binding.

Bible Front Bible Side


Examples of our work ranging from the 15th to 20th Century